Faith Foundations Class

This class is for anyone who is new in their faith or just wants a better grasp of what we believe and why.  Some of the topics we'll cover: The Fall of man / Forgiveness / Why baptism? / What is communion? / How can i be holy? / What is baptism in the Holy Spirit? / Spiritual gifts / Fruit of the Spirit / Divine healing / Why we go to church? / What exactly is the Bible? / Prayer / The return of Christ.

Bible Study:  Book of Acts

In this class we’ll be going verse by verse through the book of Acts.  The book of Acts gives the history of the Christian church and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as the mounting opposition to it. The book of Acts chronicles key events of the early church, the spread of the Gospel into all the world, and the early opposition to the Gospel.  The book could rightly be called “the Acts of the Holy Spirit” because of its emphasis on the ministry of the Holy Spirit under the new covenant.  The Holy Spirit is God’s promise given to all believers to empower and guide them from within, not just for a moment in time, but on an ongoing basis.  Join us as we learn together, pray together, and grow together from this powerful book of Scripture..


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