Current Study: Jesus in the Secular World

Our mission is to go into all the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You may have noticed that the world is becoming more and more hostile to the Gospel message. While the church has the answers the world so desperately needs, the world is turning everywhere else besides the church for answers.  How should the the people of God respond? 


If you are a passionate follower of Jesus and you're tired of seeing the Power of God contained within the four walls of the church, then this series is for you. The goal of this series is to explore the secular mindset, inspire personal revival, and equip you with practical next steps to engage the secular world with the powerful Gospel message relevantly.  (RightNow Media)  


Open Your Eyes

Pray Like Never Before

Change My Cold Heart

Speak the Right Language

Show Them, Then Tell Them

Don't Assume They Assume

No Cross, No Power

Take A Step

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Both groups, Adults and Young Adults, will be doing this same study.  You can join either group from the respective links below.

YOUNG ADULTS (ages 18-35)

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ADULTS (ages 36+)

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